Anne Mette Iversen På den anden side/On the Other Side

Track List
#Track Name
1De levendes evige jagtmarker
2At nøjes (To Settle)
3På den anden side (On the Other Side)
4Når du sover (When You Sleep)
5Sandhed og konsekvens (Truth and Consequence)
6Som ved et undet (Like by a Miracle)
7Mit hjerte er som en nystrikket angorabluse
8Den hvide bro (The White Bridge)
9Et sidste skumringskys (A Last Kiss of Dusk)
10Min kæreste (My Dearest)
13Pokus #2

Jan 1, 2004

Danish born, New York-based, jazz bassist and composer Anne Mette Iversen is releasing the first album in her own name: "On the Other Side". This CD is a refined musical statement showcasing her outstanding musical talent and artistic maturity. "On the Other Side" is modern, delicate jazz complete with lyrical melodious tunes, complex yet beautiful harmonies and elegant swinging rhythms.

Anne Mette has created a unique and personal style by melding jazz and European classical music. Unlike most attempts at this, though, she allows both styles to keep their integrity and complement each other. Her string arrangements are an integral part of the songs, not mere "window dressing", while the jazz improvisations swing with true emotional intensity. Particularly worth emphasizing is Anne Mette's interpretation of the poetic material, consisting of new Danish poetry. Anne Mette's compositions bring forth the varied emotional timbre of the lyrics, - as do the brilliant improvisations of her highly gifted band-mates; some of the world's finest.

International jazz musician; guitarist, composer and arranger David O'Rourke writes: "I hear in her work a very natural and effortless sounding feel for architecture in composition. At various times I heard her classical piano background reveal itself in the way she develops motifs, to be more precise, what I heard reminded me of composers from Bach through to Michel Legrand. I feel it's important for me to say
that I don't speak or understand the Danish language, but despite this, I found myself mesmerized by the hypnotic sound of Anne Mette's musical tapestry in much the same way as I would a great 'foreign movie'."

Sam Yahel - piano,
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet/flugelhorn,
Mark McLean - drums
Peter Dahlgren - trombone,
Mariah Langberg - vocal,
Anne Mette Iversen - doublebass
Eva León - violin,
Pauline Kim - violin,
Fiona Winning - viola,
Ludmila Konstantinova - cello