Jamie Cullum The Pursuit

Track List
#Track Name
1Just One Of Those Things
2I'm All Over It Now
4If I Ruled The World
5You and Me Are Gone
6Don't Stop The Music
7Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down
9I Think, I Love
10We Run Things
11Not While I'm Around
12Music Is Through

Mar 3, 2009 (Decca)

Now officially anointed as the new Dudley Moore, being a talented British pianist about to wed a much taller blonde, Jamie Cullum returns after a four year break with The Pursuit, his fifth and best album yet. A gleeful and deft big band version of Cole Porter’s classic "Just One Of Those Things" kicks off proceedings with a new Cullum-composed introduction, an indicator of his current confidence. And on this evidence it’s warranted. First single, the soft-rocking "I’m All Over It" deserved greater success, while the jaunty "Wheels", inspired by the credit crunch, neatly encapsulates the varied moods of The Pursuit. A funereal reading of "If I Ruled the World" owing far more to Elvis Costello than Harry Secombe, is followed by "You and Me Are Gone", a tribute to Louis Prima’s turn on the soundtrack of The Jungle Book that’s as much fun as its inspriation. A cover of Rihanna’s hit "Please Don’t Stop The Music" is as vulnerable and full of longing as the original even as he makes it his own, yet "Mixtape", a tribute to the varied music Cullum loves, is an upbeat, even extravagant pop song not miles from Ben Folds. "We Run Things" is slighter--Cullum can’t really do threat--but the concluding "Music Is Through", effectively a house tune anchored by his brother’s stand-up bass, neatly combines several genres to great effect. The playing is great throughout, the songs well chosen and arranged, the result entirely satisfying. If marrying pop and jazz without contrivance was the target, then The Pursuit has succeeded perfectly.--Steve Jelbert

Jamie Cullum - Organ, Piano, Celeste, Vocals, Hurdygurdy, Introduction, Horn Arrangements, Lyricist, Composer, Arranger, Bass, Guitar

Ben Cullum - Bass, Programming, Vocals, Lyricist, Composer

Greg Wells - Organ, Percussion, Drums, Programming, Mixing, Producer, Guitar, Bass

Tim Lefebvre - Double Bass

Chris Hill - Double Bass

Mark McLean - Drums

Brad Webb - Drums

Matt Chamberlain - Percussion, Drums