Kalabash Kalabash

Track List
#Track Name
1Goat Mout'
2Just Like Dat
4Congo Square
5From Whence We Came
6Pan Rebellion
8Island Son
9Vanilla Essence
11Pan Tonight

Jan 1, 2001

This contemporary jazz sextet explores a fusion of the rhythmic and melodic themes and tonal colors of the Caribbean with the rich harmonies and improvisatory structure of jazz, continuing in a tradition established since the early days of jazz in New Orleans. Kalabash is based in Toronto, Canada.

Colleen Allen - sax & flute
Rich Brown - bass
Demo Cates - sax
Andrew Craig - keyboards
Orin Isaacs - bass
Wilson Laurencin - drums
Mark McLean - drums
Tony Pierre - percussion
Darren Sheppard - steeldrums