Lester McLean Trio 4-3-2-1

Track List
#Track Name
2Look At Yourself
3Relax Yourself
4How Long
5One day At A Time
6The Garden
7Difficult To Love
8Out You Go
9That Island Feeling
10Harvest Moon
11Nice To Be Nice
12Show And Tell
13I Am The Earth
14Lullaby (Goodnight & God Bless)
15Hello Again (The Dream Reprise)

Mar 3, 2011 (Lester McLean Entertainment)

Lester McLean - Vocals, Saxophones & Percussion
Mark McLean - Drums & Percussion
Michael Occhipinti - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Louis Simao - Electric and Acoustic Bass

Produced by Lester McLean and John "Beetle" Bailey.

Edited by Lester McLean, John "Beetle" Bailey and Mark McLean.

Recorded and Mixed by John "Beetle" Bailey at the Drive Shed.

Mastered by George Seara.