Mark McLean It Feels Alright

Track List
#Track Name
1Shining Star Be Mine (feat. Wade O. Brown - The Boy Wonder Remix)
2 Feel Alright (feat. Andy Bey - 2nd Sun Remix)
3Damn Shame (feat. Lester McLean - 2nd Sun Remix)
4Always (feat. Andy Bey - Marco Polo Remix)
5Angel On Your Pillow (feat. Wade O. Brown - JK AKA Swizzle-Styx Remix)
6January Rain (feat. Andy Bey - JK AKA Swizzle-Styx Remix)

Feb 2, 2017 (Mark McLean Enterprises)

Mark McLean's sophomore album "Feel Alright" broke all the rules. Sharing his love for everything from old school soul, down and dirty blues/funk and traditional jazz to Rat Pack-like swing, edgy pop/rock and New Orleans brass band music.  This 6 song EP features selected tracks from "Feel Alright" re-imagined by several incredible artists and DJ's including The Boy Wonder, 2nd Sun, Marco Polo and JK AKA Swizzle-Styx. Whether you feel like groovin' out or chillin' out with a pair of headphones, "It Feels Alright" is a great trip - any which way you take it.