Sharon Brooks A Taste of Life

Track List
#Track Name
2A Taste Of Lie
3Say Goodbye
6You Don't Know
7Follow You
8Ce Soir
9Out Of My Mind
10Say Goodbye (remix)
11What We Do

Jan 1, 2000

Sharon Brooks (a.k.a. Brooksie) – a journey through a singer’s life as a woman!

That is how she best describes her life when asked. Growing up on the island of Barbados, Sharon took her first steps into music at an early age, concerts, competitions, weddings, and funerals, anything that allowed her to sing.

Sharon has also represented her country as a National Ambassador (short-lived, as she was kidnapped by her husband and now lives in Canada) and as Miss Barbados in the 1995 Miss Carival Competition in St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

In 2000, Sharon put pen to paper and took her life experiences and created “A Taste of Life” her first independent project. The album was produced by Andrew Craig, in Toronto, Canada and all songs were written or co-written by Sharon Brooks. The album boasts some of Canada’s most renowned musicians and singers, and was recorded at Prisma Sound Studios, Toronto.

Although she may no longer retain the title of National Ambassador, she still has the spirit. Brooksie has had the fortune of gracing stages in Toronto, Los Angeles, Beijing – China, and more recently Montreal, her new home. And with all these experiences, she always brings the flavor of Barbados to the stage – “…that makes her unique!”

All lyrics and melodies by Sharon Brooks except * & **

* lyrics by Sharon Brooks and Andrew Craig

* lyrics by Sharon Brooks and Andrew Craig and Renee King

All arrangements and programming by Andrew Craig. Additional arrangements by Henry Heilig (A Taste Of Life, You Don’t Know, Ce Soir)

All lead vocals by Sharon Brooks except Say Goodbye.

Say Goodbye:- lead vocals by Sharon Brooks and Andrew Craig.

Background vocals by Dallas James, Katie Burgess, Lorraine Lawson, Andrew Craig, Saidah Baba Talibah and Lizzy Mahone.

Spoken word (Woman) by Lizzy Mahone.

All acoustic and electric guitars by Adrian Eccleston.

Es135 guitar by Adrian Eccleston.

All keyboards, loop programming & acoustic piano by Andrew Craig.

All bass and fretless bass by Rich Brown.

All acoustic bass by Henry Heilig.

All drums by Mark McLean

Tenor Saxophone by Neil Brathwaite.

Soprano Saxophone by Demo Cates

Trombone by Roscoe Christie

Trumpet by Howard “The Reverend” Moore

Bells, Shekere, Congas, Djembe, Surdo, Clave, Jun Jun (talking drum) & Blekete by Quammie Williams and Kofi Aka.

© 2000 Jairo Entertainment Corporation except * & **

* © 2000 Jairo Entertainment Corporation and Andrew Craig

* © 2000 Jairo Entertainment Corporation and Andrew Craig and Renée King

Recorded at Prisma Sound, Toronto, Canada.

Engineered by John “J.C” Clarke, asisted by Brian Gagnon and Bed Edgar

Vocals recorded at Pipeline Studios and Soundtree Studios, Toronto, Canada

Engineered by Andrew Craig

Edited by Andrew Craig and Ben Edgar

Mixed at Prisma Sound, Toronto, Canada by John “J.C” Clarke, Brian Gagnon and Andrew Craig: assisted by Ben Edgar and Chris Cobain

Mastered at Numerix by Stefan Figiel (